Chandia Brennen & Marcus DeFrantz

How We Met

"Friend Request Accepted"

We like to believe that our witty sense of humor brought us together. We were both students at Florida A&M University, but ironically we didn't meet on campus. During the summer of 2007, I left a sarcastic comment under a friend's photo, Marcus followed suit with an equally witty yet hilarious comment. Our similar sense of humor lead to joking back and forth, before finally sending each other a friend request. We spoke every single day for the following 3 months.


Although our chemistry was undeniable, I was entering into graduate school and Marcus was in the peak of his undergraduate studies (he's younger). Neither of us desired a relationship, so we focused on developing a solid friendship over the years. After college in a twist of fate, I relocated from Florida to Los Angeles for Law School, and eventually Marcus moved back home to San Francisco. The stars aligned, and we decided to give a relationship a fair shot. To reinforce his intentions, he flew me from LA to San Francisco on August 16, 2013 to meet his Mother (a day that became our anniversary). We continued a long distance relationship for two years, until November 2015 when I relocated to the beautiful Bay Area, where our love continues to grow. 

The Evolution Of Love

August 17, 2018

San Francisco, CA.