A Fairytale Proposal

December 9th started like any other Saturday. Marcus left for work, and his mom arranged to pick me up for shopping and lunch. She mentioned on the way that she wanted to visit a particular department store first. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by an excited Wardrobe Stylist that knew me by name, which totally caught me off guard. She ushered us into a plush and private suite, under the pretense that I was going to receive a “Day of Pampering”. The expansive area also housed a dressing room, with 8 curated outfits, shoes, bags and accessories…all waiting for my arrival. I recall sitting down to gather my bearings, and immediately feeling overwhelmed to tears. In that moment, I thought that Marcus gifted the "experience" to me as an early Christmas present. I was certain that he would return to the store at a later date, and the outfit of my desire would be under our tree on Christmas morning…so I decided to play along!

After I picked a dress, the wardrobe stylist guided me to the private lounge, where a talented makeup artist brought my tear stained face back to life. Suddenly a photographer appeared, he was introduced by the wardrobe stylist as “a freelance photographer, capturing images for the store’s social media page.” I totally bought it.

Finally, after having my makeup done and putting on the dress, I appeared back in the lounge for everyone to admire. "I think she needs a different shoe, maybe a pop of color." said the personal shopper from the undergarment department (they seriously thought of everything ). The wardrobe stylist dashed off, and returned juggling 4 boxes. She slowly lifted a pair of baby pink pumps out of a box, as if they were made of glass. "That's my FAVORITE color", I proclaimed.

I remember thinking...wow, I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go...but this was FUN! Marcus's mom then said "Are you ready dear, it's time to go", I replied"Ok, I''m going to change my clothes, i'll be out in a second." she responded...."No, you're wearing that". I looked at the stylist for approval, and she nodded with a face full of excitement. The makeup artist rushed over, holding two bottles of perfume "Chanel or Prada?" she said, while smiling ear to ear (of course I chose Chanel). They each took turns embracing me and waved as I departed down the escalator, equally excited for what lie ahead. Marcus's mom escorted me outside to a waiting car, where a driver had two dozen roses on the back seat. Attempting to fight back tears, I said "Mom, are you coming with me"...with a warm smile she said "no, but i'll see you soon..."

The driver rode in silence to the city, the only sound I could hear was my heart beating in my ears. (I'd hoped "the moment" would come someday, but I didn't think it would be THAT day, in that way.) As we drove across the Bay Bridge, I admired the city I relocated to...for love.

We arrived at my favorite Brazilian Steakhouse 'Fogo de Chao'. At that point, I was doing everything in my power, to fight back tears (couldn't ruin all my good makeup). I hesitantly walked inside where I was met by a hostess. I gave her Marcus's name, but she said unfortunately the restaurant wouldn't open for another 2 hours...I panicked. I quickly sent a text to Marcus (we hadn't spoken all morning because I assumed he was at work).

"I'm at the restaurant love." He replied "What restaurant?"

On the brink of breaking down, the manager appeared. She said "I'm so sorry, the hostess informed me of your dilemma. Maybe your party scheduled a later time. We'll get it figured out! Come with me, i'll get you something to drink, and i'll put your roses in water." A bit embarrassed, I followed her through the empty restaurant, without a dispute.

Then I saw him...standing in a dimly lit private room, waiting on my arrival...

Following the proposal, we wined and dined...putting an end to a remarkable day.

A special thank you to my future Mother-in-law, the style team at Nordstrom's, the restaurant manager (that captured the video of the proposal), and the professional photographer that captured that moment in time forever (unbeknownst to me, he was hired by Marcus...not the department store).

Most of all...to my incredible Fiancé...I cannot wait to meet you on the other end of the aisle. Your proposal swept me off my feet, just like the first day we met. I love you...forever.



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