Through Sickness & Health

A couple years ago, Marcus and I were approaching the 2nd year mark of our long-distance relationship. At the time, I was living in Los Angeles finishing law school, and Marcus was in the Bay Area in Grad School. At that point, our love was like a fire, the bigger it grew…the harder it was to contain. We knew eventually we would either need to bridge the gap in our distance, or go our separate ways.

In 2015, everything changed. I had to have an emergency surgery, which required a 10-week recovery. My mother quickly flew from Florida to L.A. to be by my side. In a twist of fate, my procedure got postponed, which meant she would have to leave the morning after my surgery…I was devastated.

Upon hearing the news, Marcus immediately flew to Los Angeles.

Prior to my surgery, our long distance relationship consisted of daily phone calls, romantic dates once a month, and thrilling adventures. We were still in the “honeymoon phase”, which was absent of trials and tribulations. When Marcus arrived at the hospital, I was heavily medicated (but still attempting to put on makeup before the morphine kicked in). I had no idea, that in the coming days, he would see me at my lowest. Initially, I was unable to feed, bathe, or even walk without assistance. He and one of my best friends became my full-time caregivers. They did everything for me…everything.

Taking a post surgery walk

The mental anguish I experienced from becoming solely dependent on him to accomplish my basic human needs, hurt me more than physical pain. I was humiliated, but thankful. Although that experience was the lowest point of my life…I’m glad it happened. Instead of resenting it (there’s a lot more to that story), I thank God for it. In the process, God showed me the true qualities of a husband, in Marcus. He provided for me emotionally, physically, and financially. It strengthened our bond, and brought us closer than we ever imagined.

They say that “sometimes home is a person, not a place.” Three months later, I moved to the Bay Area, and he’s been my home ever since.

Watching a Warrior's Game during my recovery

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